healing with nature

Nature is not just a beautiful environment worth preserving because it nurtures us, it also has an incredible power to heal. I facilitate nature-related healing processes for both individuals and groups. An hour of my time costs around £45, but I am generally also very open to trading my work for goods and services.

Touch was never meant to be a luxury, said a colleague of mine a long time ago. I agree with her - social creatures by nature, we have become much deprived of physical contact with others, especially in Western culture. This deprivation is very rarely acknowledged, yet it contributes to all kinds of discomfort and ailments, particularly those that are "poorly understood"...

Eva Wolfram giving a treatment

A Natural Bodywork session is in its essence a way of meeting the basic human need for physical contact. It is amazing how much can be healed and transformed through what appears to be so simple! When I give a treatment, I draw from my traditional massage and aromatherapy skills as well as the work of Dr. Milton Trager and from Jin Shin Jyutsu. Each treatment is discussed and tailored accordingly, from relaxation and general maintenance to injury recovery support, pain management, and support with psychosomatic processes.

I offer treatments at Dragonfly Spiritual Spa in Newport, Isle of Wight and do home visits. Periodically, I also run sessions from my nomadic healing tent in nature. Send me an email to book or find out more.

The Power Healing Journey is a healing approach I developed in response to my experiences as a therapist and workshop facilitator. Offered in natural locations, it combines varying proportions of hands-on bodywork, breathwork, energy work and shamanic dreamwork as needed. You create a moment of stillness in your life...

Sheepskin treatment space in garden

Those who embark on this journey ask mother nature to provide a new perspective on their personal situation and actively renew the connection with their source, opening themselves to an immense potential for healing and transformation while tuning into the heartbeat of the earth.

Send me an email to find out more.

TranceDance logo on bear footprint

Indigenous cultures all over the world have embraced dance as a way of promoting their wellbeing for thousands of years. They dance to relate to the elements of nature around them - to look through the eyes of an eagle, to move with the confidence of a bear, to sway in the wind like bamboo. Understanding that they are a part of nature, they learn and energise themselves by 'embodying' aspects of their natural environment.
Woman dancing
The TranceDance Experience provides a space for us to explore our inner selves this way. Compelled by evocative soundtracks and organic acoustic rhythms, participants embark on a journey not limited by their normal perception of space and time. By covering their eyes with a bandana they shut out distractions and stimulate their inner vision, allowing themselves to 'be moved' and 'become' their dance, to tap into the wisdom of their ancestors which flows in their veins...

With heart, body and mind involved in their meditative experience, dancers emerge renewed, more connected and with greater understanding of themselves and of their environment. No previous knowledge is required. I provide this workshop to groups and organisers on request - contact me to find out more. A sound system suitable for groups of up to 30 participants is available if necessary.

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